What Is ManaPot?

To put it as simply as possible: it is a text-based RPG that you play in your browser. By text-based, we mean that there is no graphical world that the player interacts with. The actions that they perform are displayed on the screen in the form of text, but in a modern way. The character's progression is shown through their unique portraits though, allowing them to show off the items they have created!

You can find a few screenshots of the game below, or try it yourself for free by clicking the button below. We provide a brief tutorial for new players when they first login to the game, which should get you going on your way fairly quick. We know that you will love the simplistic, but highly addictive gameplay that we provide!

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ManaPot Has Gone 100% Free-to-Play!   By:   Ryan     Created: September 29th, 2015 at 10:50pm

  Global Announcement

I have decided to remove the paywall in-front of certain skills and actions, allowing everybody to do them free of charge. This means that free players are now able to train Agility, Jewelcrafting and Thieving finally! Free players will also now have access to the Agility Shop to spend their [Agility Token].

Subscribers, don't worry! You will now be getting some awesome new bonuses to help make your purchase a bit more worth it. Subscribers now earn an extra 25% bonus experience while training professions and combat, giving them a slight edge over the competition. They will also now gain an additional 25% gold while slaying enemies in combat! Subscribers also get double the amount of base Energy, 50 instead of 25 (keep in mind that Energy can be raised by training Agility). Some other upcoming bonuses will include being able to list more items on the Auction House, subscriber-only emoticons, monthly subscriber rewards and much more.

I have been debating on making this change for the last couple of weeks, and decided to finally go with it. I hope that this change is something that you all enjoy, so please let me know what you think. Good luck and have fun! :D

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ManaPot Newsletter   By:   Ryan     Created: August 6th, 2015 at 01:29pm

  Global Announcement

I've been working on getting a newsletter up and running the last week or so, and decided to send out a test one earlier today. I have sent a special promo code inside the newsletter, so make sure to give it a read.

Unfortunately, the server has been having issues sending out emails. We've tried lots of options, but none of them have worked yet. Chances are, you will need to check your spam folder to find the newsletter. If this is the case, please un-mark the email as spam and/or add [email protected] to your email's whitelist. There is a link in the email for those of you who wish to stop receiving all emails from ManaPot.

I will be working on a newsletter interface soon, with the option for you to sign-up / unsubscribe and change your registered email address. Expect this later tonight.

Please don't share the promo code with others, it should be a reward for those of you who read the newsletter sent out. If you didn't get an email from us, please wait until later when I get the interface done and you can try changing your account options.

Your Ideas Are Needed   By:   Ryan     Created: July 10th, 2015 at 09:54pm

  Global Announcement

I'm reaching out today in hopes that we can start to generate a bit more traffic on the forums, and to also get some awesome ideas for the game. Other than major features, we need to start getting some more ideas posted so I can get them into the game. I'm mostly looking for small changes that could help improve the gameplay, extra information you may want to see somewhere in the game, design suggestions, minor annoyances, etc.

You'll see that a lot of updates that have been requested are currently added into the game. And those that haven't made the cut, I try my best to explain why it comes to that decision. I take ALL feedback into consideration, so please don't ever feel like you don't have a reason to speak up. I can't fix existing issues or come out with features you want without your input. The forums are the best way to do it, as it will always be there for me to read (I check them daily). Even if you tell it to me in chat, take a couple minutes and post it to the forums.

Also, what would you like to spend your [ManaPot] on? I have tried adding various items to the ManaShop, but there hasn't been much success. I do not want to add things that make the game pay-to-win, but I want you to feel rewarded for your puchase. It's pretty difficult to know what YOU would like to see, when I get little-to-no suggestions. Please, help me! I want you guys to have awesome stuff you can get for your support, without making it over-powered.

I've been really busy packing up all of my belongings and getting them ready to move into my new place. I will be fully setup and moved in on Monday, so expect things to pick back up soon. You'll have lots of new stuff to enjoy in the coming weeks; such as: Magic, Ranged, Prayer, new combat drops & enemies, finished skills / actions, trading and much more.

Auctomatic Action Training   By:   Ryan     Created: June 30th, 2015 at 11:17pm

  Global Announcement

The latest update to the game is something that's been a bit controversial in previous discussion. You can now choose whether you want to train efficiently or conveniently. Automatic action training provide you with the experience of an incremental game, but also gives you the option to play the original way (via clicking buttons).

The main downside to automatically training is the fact that it takes quite a bit longer to perform each action, leading to less experience and materials within a given amount of time. I believe this update will be beneficial to both the players and the long-term state of the game. Not only will it help attract new players, but it will make it possible for current players to play in certain situations where they weren't quite able to before (due to the amount of interaction it took).

  • Subscribers: 2.5 times as long
  • Non-Subscribers: 5 times as long

As you can see above, you can subscribe to the game to decrease the amount of time it takes to automatically train. While it does give subscribers a bit of an advantage, keep in mind that this entire feature is completely optional. You can still train naturally like before, and get the most out of your playtime.

I will be adding the ability to turn off the automatic training feature in the near future, for those of you who don't want to use it at all.

Please share any feedback you may have by clicking on the "Discuss This Article" button below. Thanks!

Quick Update - June 23rd   By:   Ryan     Created: June 23rd, 2015 at 11:34am

What's Going On

Hey everyone, Ryan here. I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the current state of the game. Many of you have noticed the lack of updates recently. This is partly due to me being sick, and also not having the ambition to put more time into the game at this moment. I love working on the game, and watching all of you enjoy playing it. I do not plan on "ditching" the game, or stopping updates anytime soon. But with that being said, the amount of updates are going to slow down a lot compared to what they were in the previous months (mostly due to the fact that it was in development / beta, and was getting content created for it on a daily basis). The lack of support is another reason that updates have slowed down / halted for now as well.

How You Can Help

Many of you might not know it, but this game is basically my full-time job. I have over 800 hours put into coding the game (holy shit!), with lots and lots more to come. Without monetary support, I'm just not able to put in as much time as I would like to. I was really hoping that the game would take off and would allow me to live comfortably off the revenue it provides, but sadly that isn't the case. We've went from amazing amounts of donations, to literally none. Not only does it hit me in the wallet, it also shows that the community doesn't really care enough about the game to want to invest anything into it (so, why should I?).

Money isn't the only thing that I'm upset over, support overall isn't that great. The amount of new players has dwindled into nothing. We need players to spread the word to their friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc. Put your referral link in your signature on forums, post it to your social media (Facebook & Twitter), guildmates or whoever else you know. I can't do everything on my own, especially the advertising part. It's hard enough to spend 14+ hours a day coding, let alone getting done with that and trying to advertise on the internet. All it takes it posting your referral link (which can be found under "Menu" when logged into the game).

My Promise To You

I will be moving to my new apartment around July 1st, something I've been looking forward to for quite a while. I was really hoping to have enough money saved up from the game, but that hasn't quite happened yet. What I would like to ask of those of you who are loyal to the game, and want to show your support for it, to help out in any way you can. Whether that is with a donation, introducing a friend to the game, re-tweeting messages, etc.

At this point in time, I won't even be able to afford internet when I move into my new place. Something that can make it quite difficult to produce updates for the game, or even manage it at all. I'm really looking forward to all the extra time I'll be able to spend coding and working on new content once I am moved out, as it'll allow me much greater freedom. I really enjoy working on the game and hope that I can continue to do so into the future for a long while. I just need some more support from the community to show me that you guys care as much as I do!

  Be Awesome & Make A Donation!

I have basically given up my main / only source of income (my Twitch stream) to pursue this game, don't let it be a mistake for me. :) Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. I am always taking your feedback into consideration, and have made quite a few changes to the game recently that reflects that (better odds of being successful on actions, along with increased experience values). I would like to thank everyone who has supported the game so far, it really means a lot to me. For real. You guys are fucking awesome and it means a lot. I hope that we'll have many years worth of adventures for us in ManaPot, and that you'll be there to partake in the journey with us.